Daily Archives: August 2, 2009

The adventure begins…

So, for those that haven’t heard, for at least the next year I will be teaching at a boarding school right outside of Amman, Jordan. The school is called King’s Academy [www.kingsacademy.edu.jo, check it out]. It is a fairly new school – they just finished their second full year of operation. The King of Jordan, His Majesty King Abdullah, graduated from Deerfield Academy (a boarding school in Massachusetts) back in the day and wanted to create a similar school for his home country. So he did. And I’m working there!

I am teaching 11th grade Physics and serving as a dorm parent and adviser. I will also be helping out with some sort of extracurricular activity, soon to be determined. I’m crossing my fingers for something cool…  maybe I could bring lacrosse to the Middle East. Additionally, I hope to get involved in the community, improve my Arabic and feed my raging travel addiction.

I’m moving August 14th and will return… well, who knows? I hope to be in the DC area next summer before returning to the school, but if I’ve learned anything about myself it’s that it’s pointless making a real plan in advance.  So, please keep in touch so that I can be a part of your life wherever we end up. Hopefully this blog will help, but hopefully it’s not a one-sided way of communication.

Jordan Bound

This was the view I had in 2007 of the Sinai Peninsula from the Royal Jordanian flight I took to Amman in 2007 when I taught at a Summer Enrichment Program at King’s Academy. I’m excited to see this view again!