Daily Archives: September 1, 2009

My Mom Thinks She’s Jane Jetson

I love Skype. It makes living almost 10,000 miles away from home so much easier. My mom thinks it’s the coolest thing ever, and pretty much every other time talks about how she is like Jane Jetson video talking, which is actually pretty legit. Our grandmother thinks it’s absolutely amazing – when her eldest son was in college, she would call the phone in the hallway of his dorm and it would ring and ring and ring, and if someone finally picked up, she would ask for Joe, and that person would say “Okay hold on, I’ll try to find him” and then put the receiver down and Nana would wait a very long time (racking up the call cost) before finally getting Joe, or having the person come back and say “Sorry ma’am I couldn’t find him.” And that was really the only option besides writing a letter.

Oh how the times have changed.

Now my family and I talk face to face, in real time, across the Atlantic Ocean, through our computers for free. When you describe it like that, it really makes it seem like we are living in the world of the Jetsons. Now if only I could get a mechanical maid…

But if you don’t have Skype, get it now, and add me. I’m the only Bowman Dickson in the world I think, and I’m the only one on Skype (bowmandickson). If you just leave it on when your computer is on then we can chat Jetsons style sometime.