Daily Archives: September 2, 2009

You understand Arabic???

I haven’t been practicing my Arabic speaking that much since I’ve been here, but I’ve cerainly been practicing my listening because all the kids jabber to each other nonstop in Arabic. I’ve had some funny moments where I’ve really surprised some kids with my comprehension.

As I was up at the board the other day, I heard one kid (who really has no clue how to be quiet) say “Ana jou3aan ikteer = أنا جوعان اكثير” which means I am really hungry” (it’s Ramadan, he’s fasting, legit thought… but I don’t want to hear about it in my classroom) so I turned around and said “[Kid’s name], we all know you’re hungry, but can you please keep your thoughts to yourself?” He was surprised enough to stop talking, which was the whole point. Score one for the home team (me).

I also conveniently know all of the swear words from chatting with Jordanian 8th graders last time who sheepishly taught me lessons in colloquial Arabic profanity. I can’t wait to put that knowledge into use…