Camels! Part 1

I’ve decided that I’m going to periodically post pictures of camels that I take. They are my favorite animals. There’s a running loop I do around the wall of the school, and I always pass by these two camels fenced into this field. I have no clue why they are there, but it makes me happy. They just stand there and follow me with their lazy eyes, staring me down the entire time I’m running by, all the while chewing on their whatever they chew because there’s no grass.

These camels were roaming around the side of the road on the way back from the Dead Sea.


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  1. Bowman! Stub sent me the link to your blog and now I am an official devotee. Hope that all is well with you!! Is your Texas t-shirt getting lots of mileage in the Middle East?!

    • haha, actually yes. the kids know really random US colleges, and one guy is obsessed with UT so he gets pumped every time i wear it.
      hope the job is going well and it’s fun living with the Stu!

  2. I am looking forward to the remaining post entitled “Camels”

  3. Try to get a close-up. They have such beautiful eyes and eyelashes.

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