Arabic For Your Everday Life – Teneen (تنين) = Dragon

P8211127Amman is a city of cafes. A lot of people like to go out and smoke hookah (that’s the American word… actually called Argeelah, or Sheesha, or Hubbly Bubbly). I always feel like a Dragon when I smoke hookah though, thus I had to learn Dragon in Arabic. And now you know.

Dragon = Teneen = تنين

(I’ve decided to do a series called Arabic for your everday life, in which I will share Arabic words that are completely random but have somehow come up in my everyday life.)

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  1. Salaam alaikum! Hey Bowman, Its Harry. For some reason I was thinking of you and the fact that you were in Jordan so I googled you plus jordan and this blog was the first thing that came up! This looks like an incredible experience and it seems like life in Jordan is pretty fun and broadening. Talk to you later!

    p.s. now since I know salaam alaikum and teneen, I will finally be able to greet the rather large arabic speaking dragon population that has sprung up in charlottesville this year.

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