Daily Archives: October 9, 2009

Wadi Mujib (وادي الموجب) – Climbing up waterfalls

PA030028Last weekend, I got together with a group of fellow teachers to hike up a riverbed with flowing water, up and over waterfalls, in and out of chest-high deep water up to a huge waterfall. Truly an amazing experience. I was skeptical that the place wasn’t just a ridiculously fun water park disguised into the amazing rock laden environment around it. We slid down rocks, jumped off some into water below, stood under a powerful waterfall and generally frolicked in some of the best nature that Jordan has to offer.

Who would have thought that a desert country with 16 kilometers of coastline would have such amazing water experience like this?

The safety precautions and liability protections from the park were laughable compared to what would have happened in the states. It was actually really nice – our society is too uptight and cautious, and not cautious to keep people safe, but to keep our money safe from lawsuits. Then again, someone died there this summer (eeeeeeh). Up at the top, we tried out some worst case scenarios (pictured) to teach the parks service a lesson.

A friend brought a waterproof digital camera. Check out the photos on the “Pictures” page.