But my son told me he was taking AP Physics…

This past weekend was parents’ weekend, which meant the parents came to visit school and we had the dreaded parent teacher conferences. Mine went pretty smoothly – I only had around 10 meetings since so few parents showed up. There was a last minute change because of some Swine Flu mumbo jumbo, I wasn’t complaining. Most of the meetings were fairly normal, but here was my favorite conversation of the day:

Hi, I’m Bowman Dickson, I’m your son’s Physics teacher.

Hi, how’s he doing in AP Physics?

Well, actually it’s just regular introductory Physics.

But he told me he that was taking AP Physics.

No, he’s taking regular Physics.

But I’m sure he told me he was in AP.

Well, I teach regular Physics, and he is in my class, so I’m pretty sure he’s taking regular Physics.

So could he be in your AP Physics class?

I don’t teach AP Physics…

Oh, okay… So why’s he not in AP then???

Everyone has to take regular Physics before AP Physics. He’s in the class he should be. Don’t worry.

Got it. Okay.

Turns out the mom had just been confused, but I ragged on the kid the next week for a while anyway. I think I might start writing “AP Physics Test” and “AP Physics Homework” on the top of his assignments only, just to mess with him (and his mother). Hopefully I’ll meet more crazy parents to come!

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