Daily Archives: October 25, 2009

I now officially live in Jordan… kind of

After more than two full months of living here, I finally have my residency. I was maybe a little bit illegal because the visa only lasts for one month and I never got it renewed. So I can say I officially live here… kind of. I got my card and my name is printed as BOWMAN GARRETT DICKSOI, so I guess he’s the one who actually lives here.

Well, no worries, I’ll just show them my work permit instead as proof… except that the work permit I got today is for a character by the name of BOWWAN DICKSON.

Hmm, I guess the police might punch me in the face for having illegal documents. That’s okay though, if they do, I’ll just use my Health Insurance card to see a doctor… who might not let me receive care because I have a health insurance plan for BOWMAN DICKAON.

Life sure is complicated when you’re trying to lead a bunch of different secret lives! But before you get on your high horse about how this would never happen in the states, my NH driver’s license (which is now very illegal considering none of my family have lived there for the past year and a half) lists my weight as ‘4‘. Four what? Four large bags of flour? Maybe four medium size dogs?

If it’s four pounds, then I need to stop gaining weight so fast. or maybe that can be part of my disguise, in my new life as Bowwan Dickaoi.