Forgetting what it’s like to be a student

HalloweenThe school celebrated Halloween today (and yes, we do celebrate that here in Jordan… at least at our school) which meant that people could come to school in costume. Well, one teacher had the brilliant idea of dressing as King’s Academy students. Our kids are always so disheveled, shirts untucked, ties in strange knots that I don’t think even people who sail know, pants halfway down the butt, everything wrinkled, and sneakers (which I’m wearing but you can’t see in the picture). It was a pretty funny day, and I certainly make a very convincing student given that I am pretty much their age anyway. Some people definitely had to look twice.

Being on this side of the equation reminded how much I’ve forgotten about what it’s like to be a high school student, how much my perspective has shifted. I may have just graduated in May, but after two and a half months teaching, I’m already starting to become a hard-nosed, no-nonsense, food-fight-breaking-up, inappropriate-joke-hating, grumpy-before-my-tea, out-of-dress-code hating teacher. Furthermore, my students told me that I give the MOST homework of all of the teachers!!! And I had NO. CLUE. I guess I was somewhat prepared to become fully teacher-ized, but I wasn’t prepared to become THAT teacher.

My kids don’t have homework this weekend. It’s not too late to remember.

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  1. Its weird how quickly that happens! I went from student to pretty strict teacher in about two months as well

  2. Bowman! You’re that teacher?! Quick, quick. Come back! Po Kings Academy students. Ps. very clever costume idea. xoxoxox

  3. high school bowman would have hated teacher bowman. i am going to start faxing you fake homework so you remember your roots

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