Rami Es-Sahem

One thing that a lot of people seem to find amusing is when I introduce myself with my Arabic name, Rami.

Bowman, as I hope many of you know, means “archer,” and an archer in Arabic is a Rami Es-Sahem (رامي السهم). That literally means “thrower of the arrow.” Luckily, Rami also doubles as a pretty common Arabic name, so thus I officially dubbed myself Rami. Now some of the students even call me Ustaath Rami (Professor Rami). And that totally rocks.

Don’t tell the Jordanian government that I have yet another alter ego though…

Posted on November 11, 2009, in Arabic, Living Abroad. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Suggested Christmas present – Personalized POST-IT notepads with “From the desk of Ustaath Rami” printed on them. I’ll pass it along to your mom, haha
    (Seriously, I use little note thingies all the time at school)

  2. haha, great suggestion! i always write late notes for kids on little pieces of paper torn out from their notebooks, that’s much better

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