HOME (will write again in January)

After an epic 28 hour journey from Amman to Chicago to Austin, I’m sitting here with my family in our (relatively) new home enjoying a relaxing 2 week break before I head back to my Jordanian high school life. I’m spending ten days here, and then three in Washington, DC catching up with friends from UVA. After a day and a half, I’m still pretty jet-lagged, which makes me not very excited for my return journey, when I am going to have to get those eight timezones back while explaining the mysteries of our physical world to unruly high schoolers.

If you had told me even in my senior year of high school, before I had heard of UVA, before I had any interest in the Middle East and before my parents moved to Texas – before I had ever considered the possibility of somewhere other than New Hampshire being “home”, if you had told me that I would be hopping around between these three places… It makes me really think about the word “home” and makes me wonder if I associate the concept with a physical place or something more ethereal. Passions, people, memories, relationships, life activities, employment, excitement. Who knows where “home” will be in the future physically, but something tells me that it’s actually always been somehow in the same place. And home will probably stick right there in the future.

Until January.

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  1. Hi Bowman. I hope you’re having a good vacation and an ‘Id Mubarak.
    If you know any Americans learning Arabic, they might be interested in this, a mousepad with the conjugations of the ten measures on it: http://www.zazzle.com/conjugations_of_the_ten_measures_www_zazzle_co_mousepad-144679321981855930

  2. Bowman,

    You can never go home again. It’s an old cliche and the title of at least two books. Even if the old family residence were in NH, returning home would never exactly replicate the senses and emotions of before. As a young adult returning to Manchester seemed so strange and so odd (OK Manchester is strange and odd!).

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