Wrong Airport

It’s 1:30 am in Jordan now, which is unfortunately only 6:30 pm in Washington, DC (where my body clock is currently set). On top of that, I was back on the college time zone (up real late, sleep kind of late), which sets me back even further. Even though I have had more than 24 hours of travel including an 11 hour flight from Chicago to Amman, and even though I’ve already had a few Advil PMs, I’m not really tired at all. Go figure. Waking up early and teaching will probably solve this dilemma for tomorrow night.

My journey went fairly smoothly except for one major hitch – my friend Brian drove me to the airport yesterday a few hours ahead of my flight. Now, one issue with Washington, DC is that there are two airports, Reagan and Dulles. Brian lives right next to Reagan so he would have preferred to drive me there than Dulles,  but unfortunately, I was flying out of Dulles… or so I thought. I got to Dulles and tried to check-in but my reservation was nowhere to be found. It dawned on me while I was waiting in an incredibly slow-moving people-with-problems-with-their-tickets that perhaps I was at the wrong airport. My blood pressure rose steadily as I waited for the airport people to slog through the line in front of me (yet I was still too non-confrontational to ask to cut someone). After the person working the desk informed me that I was in fact in the wrong airport, I sprinted downstairs and took a 40 minute, $60 cab back to Reagan. When we were about 8 minutes away, we drove right past Brian’s house. Wonderful.

Luckily, there was no one on the road and no one in the airport and for the first time I was thankful that the school made us travel back on a holiday. So I made it, and I’m excited to be back. Now hopefully I can get to sleep soon.

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