Daily Archives: January 15, 2010

Teacher Moment #3: The Madaba Turkish Bath

I never really understood why my Dad went to bed at 10 pm until I started teaching. I’m just exhausted every night, and especially every weekend. Sometimes I could be convinced to do something fun and crazy, but usually I just want to relax and do nothing.

I had a real teacher moment today when another teacher asked if I wanted to go to the Turkish Bath/Spa and sit in the steam room, relax in the jacuzzi and get a combination massage and exfoliating scrub down. Non-teacher Bowman would have been like “no thanks, I’m not into that” but teacher Mr. Bowman was like “that sounds wonderful.” And it was. My skin feels like a baby, I am currently radiating warmth and I got myself a two-in-one – not only did I relax and essentially do nothing, but I got out of my apartment and feel like I actually did something. Win, win, win.