Daily Archives: January 30, 2010

what is arbic pepole they smook

The blog site I use gives me a list of all the search engines terms that people used to find my blog. Here are my favorites.

  • thubbah community in which country?
  • fun waterparks
  • school boy shirt untucked
  • salt lake utah floating swimmers
  • beebsee
  • jane jetson (43 times… the third most popular one)
  • wrinkly disheveled dress for work pictur
  • bowman i’m arabia
  • And in Arabic… وادي الموجب
  • عيد مبارك

But the overall winner has to be…

  • what is arbic pepole they smook

(was some drunk Jamaican trying to find out where to buy a hookah and stumbled across my blog?)

So if you’re one of those people that used a strange thing to find this site… welcome?