Daily Archives: February 4, 2010

I Got Wheels

Yesterday, my life improved a lot. I started leasing a car through the school so now I have some mobility. The campus is kind of in the middle of nowhere and it gets very suffocating to be stuck here. It has already been amazing just to be able to get a haircut, or to buy lemons for science, without a making a huge ordeal out of it. Driving is a little stressful because it’s somewhat every man for himself, but I’ll take that over being stuck on campus any day.

It’s a silver Toyota Corolla (كرولا as they write in Arabic). It doesn’t compare to my car sitting in the states (Webster!) but it does the job. The people I’m sharing the lease with and I are thinking about pimping it out Jordanian style – a lot of people have full back windshield stickers of the King holding a sniper rifle with a huge hawk in the background. I have a short paragraph of three sentences to describe how I feel about that: I. Want. That