Google Voice Wrong Number

I have this Google Voice account (434-535-BOBO = 434-535-2626), which is a US phone number that you can call in the states and it will leave a voice mail on my computer, which I can then listen to and enjoy hearing your voice. It also does free text messaging, which is sweet. The fun part about the voice mails though is that it tries to transcribe what you say, which is usually absolutely hilarious. Examples:

  • Bowman, Mystery Mayhem make it if you were in my life
  • Cats are okay.
  • Anyway, I don’t know if you’re in the lot. Needs, forms, recently, for like, blah blah blah blah raw healthcare healthcare
  • Is your dad yellow businesses
  • I don’t have that the past time out of the bath. I haven’t
  • I wanted to send you a message. I mentioned Evergreen.

Google thinks my friends say the weirdest things…  Anyway, it’s USUALLY hilarious. I got this message in my inbox the other day

“Hey father hi madam a wash in the hospital. Could you call my number home now, but I know this treaty with you, 54041741611 See if you wanna one see you. Thanks, Dad.”

I scanned through and saw “Dad” and “hospital” and was pretty freaked out. I immediately listened to the message, and it turned out it was a wrong number. I’m apparently good at attracting random people with technology. I listened again and was then really sad – it was a guy who sounded pretty drugged out who was calling his Dad because he was in the hospital. I hope things worked out… eeeeh. I tried to upload so you could listen for yourself, but maybe it’s best that it didn’t work…

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