An Arabian Birthday

Today is my 23rd birthday, exciting. It was pretty fun celebrating my birthday as a teacher. The Science Department threw me a little surprise shindig, the highlight of which was the cake which said Happy Birthday, Rami in Arabic (عيد ميلاد سعيد رامي)… remember that Rami is my Arabic name. See the cake to the left along with the tweety bird happy birthday sign that our copy machine dude made me.

Then, my classes all sang happy birthday for me, which was fun, and one even brought me muffins and chocolate. All the students asked how old I was now – I said “guess” and most of them said “26!” “27!” When they realized that I was 23, someone goes “Then why do we call you Mr?” (Good question…)

And now, I’m off to Damascus, Syria for a fun filled weekend with two other teachers, which should be an absolute blast! I have wanted to go to Damascus for a long time, so what a great treat for my birthday.

Overall, a different (usually I celebrate with Bowmessica’s Birthday Box Social…) but wonderful Arabian birthday. 364 days until the next one…

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  1. Tweetie Bird??? I’m so freakin jealous. Happy Birthday Bowman!!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Thanks Don and Uncle Dennis!

  4. ummmmmmmm i left you a birthday voicemail on your google thing a ma bob and you have been radio silent

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