Daily Archives: March 2, 2010

Donkey Kong in My Classroom

One day last week it was pouring here in Jordan. It doesn’t rain much here, but when it does it’s absolutely insane. Because it doesn’t rain much, the infrastructure of the city is not set up for proper drainage, the worst being that the roads end up with intense rivers going every which way. It’s actually fairly treacherous.

One student came to class that day and he was fairly wet for some reason (weird because you can get to all the classrooms in the whole academic building through some sort of covered pathway or another – who knows what he was doing, he’s kind of numb) and he was wearing only his school sweater over his bare chest, without the button down or tie underneath (somehow the button down was soaked? but only the button down? didn’t really want to know the details). I asked him to at least put on his tie. I looked down for about 5 seconds and then looked up to see the kid wearing his tie like he was asked, but now nothing else on top. A shirtless little high school friend in my classroom wearing a tie. He looked like Donkey Kong. Luckily, since it’s physics, there were no girls around (only 7 of my 35 students are female), and sure I guess I can be happy that he was following directions, but I swear, whenever you think high school dudes can’t get any weirder…