Dead2Red Race in T-minus 17 hours

At 4 pm tomorrow, I will be the leadoff runner for our team in a 242 km relay from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea (see post explaining the race). We will be running about 0.5 km at a time (a third of a mile), so I will run for about 2 minutes and then get 18 minutes off…. and then repeat this same process 48 times (total running distance of about 24 km, or 15 miles) The hardest part is going to be staying awake from 4 pm until noon the next day for the race (especially with my insane amount of teaching induced tiredness).

Our team name is “Chicken and Rice” which is only really funny if you are a member of the King’s community – our dining hall serves chicken and rice at least one meal a day, so it’s kind of a running joke with the whole school. We have people ranging in age from 19 to 54, teachers from pretty much every academic department here at school, men/women, Jordanians/Americans. And we get to wear reflective vests!

I’m excited beyond words for the experience – wish us luck and I promise to post copious amounts of pictures and stories.

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  1. Just take 5 Hour Energy… Three times in a row! Good luck Bo- have a ton of fun!

  2. Ruuun Bowman, ruuuuuuunn!

  3. The name Chicken and Rice is a “RUNNING” joke within the King’s community?


    Also, I’m extremely happy that you survived. I miss you, Bowfriend.

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