Daily Archives: April 17, 2010

I thought my car was skinnier than it was

I had a wonderful long Easter weekend a week ago with Brian and Val, but the car did not. Given the insanity of the driving here, I’m surprised it took two months but I finally made my first contact with another vehicle in Jordan. Pulling out of a parking spot in Petra in an extremely narrow road I scraped the entire side of my car along a parked truck… eeeeh. I thought it wasn’t that bad but then when Brian tried to get out of the passenger door, it wouldn’t open. And the window only rolls down halfway. And it looks like a Frankencar now. I feel absolutely awful because I share the car with two others, but such is life.

The good news though: notice the small Jordanian flag on the dashboard… pretty awesome. Another step on the road to becoming completely Jordanian.

I will be awarding a prize to whomever can guess closest to the cost of the repairs. Just leave your guess in the comments section on this post. It must be in dinars (1 JD = $1.40) and I will award prizes Price is Right style (closest to the answer without going over). I honestly have no idea because some things are ridiculously expensive, but others are frighteningly cheap. My driver’s license cost 215 JD ($300), but my monthly phone bill is usually about 4 JD ($5.60). It costs 1 JD ($1.40) for a move from the fake DVD store, but real ones from a DVD store in the mall are like 25 JD ($35). Guess away and I’ll do the same…