Daily Archives: May 12, 2010

Mr. Bowman, did you ever try absinthe in college?

I spent about 5 minutes on Thursday trying to steer the class back to reality when one students asked “Mr. Bowman, did you ever try absinthe in college?” (and no, we aren’t studying the physics of hallucinogenic alcohols at the moment).

 I’ll add that to the list of questions-that-were-completely-inappropriate-but-I-secretly-laughed-about with

  • “Mr. Bowman, what girls at the school do you think are good looking?” (you seriously thought it was okay to ask that, and you seriously thought that I might give you an answer?) and 
  • “Mr. Bowman, is that a hickey?” (nope, I am just bad a shaving).

If I end up teaching until late in my life, I hope that students will continue to ask these gems to my old, dried up self, then they will be even funnier.