Last Day With the Seniors

Almost exactly one year from when I myself donned a cap and gown for my graduation from UVa (May 17, 2009, can’t believe it’s been a full year), I am bidding my first students farewell, the eight seniors in my class, who will be finishing class about 3 weeks before the rest of the school. I am incredibly sad to see them go. It will be very strange not to have them sitting in front of me for 45 minutes a day. I have spent a total of almost 150 hours with them in the classroom (almost 180 classes), and many more hours in and around school, during extra help, finals, school activities, the dorm, everywhere. This teaching thing is really an incredible gig – I don’t think I’d feel the same way about TPS reports that I spent the same amount of time with – but with these amazing relationships I’ve formed come some inevitable tough goodbyes. Cheers to my 8 seniors (MA, YS, FH, MS, ZK, ZA, MA, RA) good luck in all that you will do, and keep in touch.

[And at the same time, I still have 3 weeks left with my insane juniors – AH, THAT’S WAY TOO MUCH! But I guess come 2.8 weeks from now, I’m going to be feeling the same way about them too…]

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