Year 1 of teaching 99.99% done

The final for Physics is tomorrow morning, and then I will spend 3-4 hours grading, and then I will be done my first year of teaching. I cannot believe that it has passed already. I feel a great sense of accomplishment, coupled with an acute case of exhaustion. I sent my students a sort of “Physics by the numbers” (below) that really hit home to me just how much has happened in the past year, just in the classroom, and I thought you might enjoy reading it too.

To come in the next few days: more Rube Goldberg machines and quotes from a year end survey that I gave my students to evaluate my teaching – these surveys are always amusing

And some number stats that should make you proud of the sheer amount of physics we have tackled this year:

  • Thousands of years of Physics history
  • 20 chapters in our Physics book
  • 3 finals (almost)
  • 6 tests
  • 15 quizzes
  • 13 labs
  • 64 homework assignments (waaaaal)
  • About 180 classes (about 9 full 24 hour days, about 150 hours, about 9,000 minutes, about 540,000 seconds)

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