Physics Extra Credit: Lightning? Wow is that magic?

And the extra credit hilarity didn’t stop with only the Rube Goldberg machines. One student submitted a report on how lightning works with the following cover page:

Points to note:

  • This is from a guy
  • The title includes random exciting punctuation in places where it shouldn’t (and could use some more punctuation in other places)
  • He Google Image searched to find a picture of me to place on the front cover (serious extra credit for that)
  • The student got his little sister to decorate the cover with balloons and draw a nice arrow pointing at the lightning just in case I didn’t notice it was there
  • An lastly… this has been kind of a running joke all year, so don’t think this is 100% serious (though I don’t think it’s 100% a joke too). The student put weird covers on all his lab reports and I would jokingly give him bonus points and then take them away for other things. I don’t want you to think my 11th graders are like 3rd graders (the actual project was pretty good).

The guys here are so funny – I do these surveys to assess my teaching and some of them draw little hearts all over or write out “<3” instead of drawing a heart. Complete goofballs, and I fit in so well!

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