Daily Archives: February 18, 2011

Best Birthday Candles This Side of the Mississippi

Another exciting year has past in my life, and I recently celebrated with another birthday. This was my first birthday under my new astrological sign, Capricorn. I have been an Aquarius, a water bearer, my whole life and now some observatory in Minnesota says I am a sea-goat. I would love it if they could explain to me why it was time to change, and what exactly a sea-goat is. I celebrated by going out with a few friends in Amman, but besides good food and friends, the highlight of all birthdays here in Jordan are these ridiculously cool birthday candles that I have only seen over here. They flame up to like 12 feet high. Here is a two second video from February 11 to show what I’m talking about…

Preeeetttty cool, we just make sure we have all birthday parties in rooms with high ceilings. Ignore any related videos that pop up, I guess titling the video “Birthday Dance” was dangerous.