Thank God Winter is Over

Winter term ended this past week and we are midway through one of my favorite (though often depressing) weeks of the year – finals week. It’s one of my favorite because it’s pretty chill for teachers, and the daily pressure of planning class goes on hold. Correcting the exams can be really depressing though because it’s a repeated reminder to me that we as teachers have this delusion that whatever we say or do in class is absorbed by our students  – and if it’s not, then it’s their fault. A student got a 33% on the Physics exam… after the curve. I more impressed than perturbed that someone can sit in a class for an entire term and catch on to less than a fourth of what was going on.

But as you can tell from the state of the blog – this is a much needed break. I’m exhausted ,and pumped to be catching up on sleep. The other thing that I’m excited about is that now that winter is over, I can finally put ice in my drinks at the dining hall again. Check out the sage advice from our nutritionist below in the form of a sign that has been on our ice machine all winter…

Happy Spring!

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