Year TWO: Done.


After an exhausting (but wonderful) second year in teaching and after an exhausting (but wonderful) two weeks spent at Teacher boot camp, I am finally ready to relax and enjoy my summer. I know I need to sit down and reflect on both the year, but I’m too spent to do anything significant. Instead, taking inspiration from the Elementary School teachers at my program, I made a few “Wordles,” which are word clouds that are automatically generated from a piece of text (with the size of the word corresponding to how often it appears). The first is generated from this blog, and the second is generated from my final paper from the teaching program. So, well this may be a bit of a cop out, I think it gives a pretty accurate picture of all the things swirling around my head right now.

[click to make bigger]


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  1. Nagham Qanadilo

    Mr. B,

    I just love this blog!! I can’t stop reading it every time I open it! Good luck next year! 🙂


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