Goodbye Card for Seniors

I had a really rough two weeks or so with my seniors before they graduated. There was a lot of tension over stuff that needed to happen for class that wasn’t happening, and a lot of annoying things that I admittedly I was taking far more personally than they were meant. Taking inspiration from Sam’s annual senior letter (because basically half of the things I do are from Sam), and some of the nice ideas expressed in Elissa’s post about Seeking Your Own Compliments, I decided to write quick handwritten notes to all of my seniors to give us BOTH a chance to express how we really feel before they left. It was really fun because I got to reflect on my whole time with them and got some really sweet responses. Also, I love drawing and had a great time drawing this, and coloring it in with Photoshop! I should have done these on real paper, but I was too shy about giving them cards in person, so I made a pdf for each student and wrote on them with a pdf editor and emailed them. I’m too awkward for real life, as are many people in my generation.

Here it is:

(It’s a picture of me in front of my board, and in my speech bubble is the word “مبروك” which means “Congratulations!” in Arabic)

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  1. suevanhattum

    Donut points! (I do that. Do you remember where you got it? I’ve been doing it for so many years, I have no ideas who I got it from.)

    • that was one of the very first things i stole from the math blogosphere. did you blog about it!?? i totally forget where i got it from, and i would be pumped to find out where it came from!!

  2. suevanhattum

    You’re welcome. (Glad to know it works well for you. It also would have been cool if you’d learned it from someone else, and I could have found out something about my own source!)

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