Daily Archives: June 18, 2012

Call for Advice for New Teachers

[Edit: Here is my final compilation of the letters, also available at Drawing on Math]

I have a few friends that are starting to teach this upcoming school year and they emailed me asking for advice. It feels a bit strange being asked for this advice, as I still feel so new myself, but I realize that there is so much that I would want to say to someone starting teaching to help them along what is inevitably a difficult experience. From a quick poll on twitter, I realize that everyone else has so much to say too… and it’s not always the same things! So, with some encouragement from twitter colleagues, I am collecting advice for new teachers.

Please help the first year teachers in the world by writing a letter to a new teacher.

Include advice, anecdotes, resources – whatever you want! It could be as long or as short as you want. I’ll give everyone a little more than a week for submissions, and then I’ll compile the advice in a blog post with links to your blog (which could be a really cool jumping off point for someone trying to join the blogosphere) and also in a document if you have new teachers that you want to just send something.

Just make sure to mention me on twitter with any submissions (@bowmanimal). I’ll compile everything between blog posts and tweets (and @crstn85 will compile blog posts at Drawing on Math’s #matheme page too, so it would be good to add that hashtag too). If you don’t have a blog or twitter, feel free to email me submissions to me – bowman.g.dickson at gmail dot com.