More Crazy Looking (but easy to make) Origami… #made4math

Here’s another Origami Creation that I learned how to make at the Math Circle Summer Teacher Training Institute (I swear we did math too, I just like to have something to do while other people are talking!):

It’s a hyperbolic paraboloid encased in a tetrahedron. No glue was used and it stays together really well.

Hyperbolic paraboloid (inside) – 1 sheet of paper, lots of folding, about 20 minutes. Instructions.
Tetrahedron (outside) – 2 sheets of paper (same size as above) cut into thirds, about 30 minutes. Instructions (scroll down a bit – only make one of the tetrahedra in the model of course!).

Both units are pretty simple to make if you are patient and can follow instructions, and it is amazing to me that they fit together so well! The Tetrahedron is a bit harder because it’s tricky to fit together. Both units have really cool derivatives and variations that you can make, so they are worth learning how to make!

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  1. This is cool! I’ve done quite a bit of origami and have done the sonobes with my students, but I’ve never seen this one. Gonna forward your post to my daughter who loves making origami structures. The “center” of the hyperbolic paraboloid looks lit up from your pics; thus it looks like a lantern. Thanks!

  2. These are so beautiful! I am no good at following written instructions for origami. I’ll hope to find an origami mentor some day who can help me learn to do these. (Slow learner with my hands…)

  3. Well done! I taught my sisters to make the hyperbola you taught me – now I’ll have to start playing around with these…

  4. This is cool but my paper is lost so I will locate it and try it looks really hard but I have been doing origami for a while so it must be easy cuz u also say it is

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