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Arabic For Your Everday Life – Majari (مجاري) = Sewage

As in, I heard a girl sitting around before class shout out to her friend out in the hallway that my classroom smelled like “majari”. The only reason I somehow knew that word and understood her was because a few summers ago the kids had taught me how to say stupid little insults like “bitashrab majari بتشرب مجاري (you drink sewage) (see post “The Sunglasses are in the Potatoes“). I was slightly offended because I didn’t smell a thing, but then I remembered that this girl is a little crazy. When I asked her to stop talking one time in the middle of class she turned to me and said “But SIR, we’re only human!” Yeah, but you’re a 17 year old human and you can sit through a 45 minute class paying attention and not talking. If she says my classroom smells like sewage again, I’m just going to bust out the insult that I learned and tell her that she drinks sewage. That will teach her.

Majari = مجاري = Sewage

And now you know some Arabic for your your everyday life.

Arabic For Your Everday Life – Teneen (تنين) = Dragon

P8211127Amman is a city of cafes. A lot of people like to go out and smoke hookah (that’s the American word… actually called Argeelah, or Sheesha, or Hubbly Bubbly). I always feel like a Dragon when I smoke hookah though, thus I had to learn Dragon in Arabic. And now you know.

Dragon = Teneen = تنين

(I’ve decided to do a series called Arabic for your everday life, in which I will share Arabic words that are completely random but have somehow come up in my everyday life.)