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Camels! Part 2


This is me trying to join a pack of wild camels. You are all jealous. On our trip to Petra and Wadi Rum, we saw our fair share of camels, but unfortunately, my camera died right before the our ride back so I didn’t get to take pictures of my two favorite camel sightings:

  1. On the way out of Wadi Rum, we drove through a pack of about a dozen camels (they were walking in and out of the middle of the road) who all had their front feet shackled together with a very short rope. This was either camel field day and they were racing, or these were camel prisoners going about their day making Jordanian license plates and the such. I wonder what their crimes were.
  2. Then, on the highway back to Amman, we passed by a truck with a large flatbed and (no joke) 7 or 8 camels sitting in the back of the truck. These camels weren’t shackled together, so they must have been able to walk. They were probably just being lazy. I’m sure the shackled camels must have been jealous because they were really the ones that needed a truck.

What’s next? A camel in my Physics class? A camel on the baggage carousel at the airport? A camel on my dinner plate? I hope they count as carry-on because I’m bringing at least one home with me when I return.

Camels! Part 1

I’ve decided that I’m going to periodically post pictures of camels that I take. They are my favorite animals. There’s a running loop I do around the wall of the school, and I always pass by these two camels fenced into this field. I have no clue why they are there, but it makes me happy. They just stand there and follow me with their lazy eyes, staring me down the entire time I’m running by, all the while chewing on their whatever they chew because there’s no grass.

These camels were roaming around the side of the road on the way back from the Dead Sea.