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Goodbye Card for Seniors

I had a really rough two weeks or so with my seniors before they graduated. There was a lot of tension over stuff that needed to happen for class that wasn’t happening, and a lot of annoying things that I admittedly I was taking far more personally than they were meant. Taking inspiration from Sam’s annual senior letter (because basically half of the things I do are from Sam), and some of the nice ideas expressed in Elissa’s post about Seeking Your Own Compliments, I decided to write quick handwritten notes to all of my seniors to give us BOTH a chance to express how we really feel before they left. It was really fun because I got to reflect on my whole time with them and got some really sweet responses. Also, I love drawing and had a great time drawing this, and coloring it in with Photoshop! I should have done these on real paper, but I was too shy about giving them cards in person, so I made a pdf for each student and wrote on them with a pdf editor and emailed them. I’m too awkward for real life, as are many people in my generation.

Here it is:

(It’s a picture of me in front of my board, and in my speech bubble is the word “مبروك” which means “Congratulations!” in Arabic)