Virtual Filing Cabinet

Taking inspiration from Sam Shah’s Virtual Filing Cabinet, here I will categorize some of my favorite blog posts and resource on various topics. I’ve organized them into a few categories, which are also available in the drop down menu under Virtual Filing Cabinet above. If you are looking for other Virtual Filing Cabinets, try Julie Reulbach’s collection.



I have taught a very application-based Calculus course (but not the AP curriculum) for one year and am teaching that again this year. I also taught AP Calculus for one year. This is the beefiest of my filing cabinets.



The things that have been most useful that I have learned from the math blogotwittersphere could apply to any classroom. Here is where I will collect general posts about teaching practice, including Standards Based Grading, Whiteboarding, the Growth Mindset, Rich Tasks, Modeling/Using Data and Interactive Notebooks.



I consider myself a bit of a techie when it comes to the classroom. I am part of our schools iPad pilot program, I love the free math visualization software GeoGebra, and I often use various other bits of technology in the classroom like Excel, WinPlot, Graphing Calculators and web-based applets. Here I will collect some of the resources I have found most helpful in integrating technology into my classroom.

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